The UBC Division has an international reputation for excellence in research, which spans the 4 CIHR Pillars, from state-of-the-art basic research through to population health. A conservative estimate of dollars generated for lung-related research within the Division for 2018 is $10 million dollars for principal investigators in competitive grant funding. Peer-reviewed publications again totaled over 300 papers for 2018/2019.

Centre for Lung Health

In 2006, the Centre for Lung Health was established as part of a UBC Division of Respiratory Medicine led multi-site lung health framework focusing on education, clinical care, and research. Subsequently, there has been a further development of this entity with the creation of an Institute for Heart and Lung Health.

The Institute has facilitated heart and lung-related research being recognized as only one of three priority areas of research within the UBC Faculty of Medicine. The website provides a comprehensive overview of the broad and extensive program of not only lung but heart-related research, clinical care and education at UBC affiliated and other academic centers.

Research Areas & Researchers

The UBC Respiratory Division is a key member of the multi-site Institute for Heart and Lung Health.

In 2009, UBC was recognized, based on impact factor, as the third leading chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) research centre in the world over the last ten years. The Centre for Heart Lung Innovation (formerly known as the UBC James Hogg Centre for Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Research) at SPH provides strong leadership in basic and translational research with a particular emphasis on airways disease.

  • Clinical and epidemiologic research on sleep-disordered breathing – Drs. Ayas, John Fleetham, Frank Ryan
  • Cystic fibrosis – Drs. Pearce Wilcox and Brad Quon
  • Epigenetics of Asthma– Drs. Peter Paré, Andrew Sandford, and Denise Daley
  • Genomics and genetics of asthma and COPD – Drs. Peter Paré, Andrew Sandford, Denise Daley, Scott Tebbutt, Chris Carlsten
  • Health literacy and ethnicity related research – Drs. Iraj Poureslami and J. Mark FitzGerald
  • Health outcomes and economics research – Drs. Mohsen Sadatsafavi and J Mark FitzGerald
    • Health outcomes research continues to develop across both SPH and VGH with Dr. FitzGerald collaborating with a number of health outcomes researchers most notably Drs. Carlo Marra and Larry Lynd
  • Interstitial Lung Disease – Drs. Nasreen Khalil, Pearce Wilcox, and Chris Ryerson
  • Lung Cancer– There is a major collaborative link between VGH based investigators (Drs. John Yee, John Mayo, and Stephen Lam) and the BC Cancer Agency focusing on a better understanding of the pathogenesis, prevention, and management of lung cancer
  • Occupational Lung Diseases– Dr. Chris Carlsten
  • Pulmonary Hypertension – Drs. John Swiston, Nathan Brunner (from Cardiology), Bob Levy, and Roland Nador are involved in clinical research and also taking a leadership role in the coordination of a national PH registry.
  • Translational and clinical research in asthma – Drs. Mark FitzGerald, Del Dorscheid, Chris Carlsten
  • Translational and clinical research in COPD – Drs. Don Sin, Wan Tan, Jeremy Road, Stephan van Eeden
  • Tuberculosis – Drs. FitzGerald, Kevin Elwood, Victoria Cook, and James Johnston

Annual Reports

To view annual reports, including directories of Grants & Research Awards and Publications, visit the Department of Medicine website.