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Our Location

Rated in the top five cities worldwide for livability and quality of life (BBC News, 2002) the city of Vancouver is arguably the most desirable city in Canada. Located on the western coast of Canada this city has developed on the traditional, ancestral and unceded territory of the Musqueam people. The city of Vancouver has both architectural and natural beauty as the glass sky rises in the downtown core and is enveloped by the Pacific Ocean and the North Shore Mountains. The majority of Vancouver’s residents have a first language other than English; this ethnic diversity has presented itself in the city with exquisite culinary options and diverse opportunities for cultural community engagement.  Vancouver offers a long list of recreational activities as you can ski and surf in the same day.

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The Division of Respiratory Medicine

The UBC Respiratory Division is primarily located at the major teaching hospitals affiliated with the UBC Faculty of Medicine. The major activities are focused at Vancouver General Hospital, St. Paul’s Hospital and UBC Hospital. In addition, reflecting the distributed medical school there are a significant number of community respirologists affiliated formally as either full or associate members of the Division.

Mission Statement

The Residency Training Program of the Division of Respiratory Medicine, University of British Columbia, is committed to providing high-quality specialist training through leadership, mentorship and scholarship in education, clinical care, and research.

The Program subscribes to the principle that medical practice is an art and profession as well as a science. The Program respects and nurtures the values and personal qualities that are considered fundamental to the physician’s role as healer, advocate and professional. Within this context, the overall goal of the Training Program in Respiratory Medicine is to train and develop fully qualified and competent consultant respirologists who are ethically and morally sound, who dedicate themselves to the highest standards of medical practice, life-long learning, and who contribute to the career-long provision of total patient care.

The Program conforms closely to all of the requirements of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada that relate to specialty training in Respiratory Medicine and, indeed, these objectives are incorporated into our Program goals and objectives. Furthermore, the Program endorses the recommendations of the CanMEDS 2005 Physician Competency Framework and is striving to incorporate these principles into every aspect of the training program. We also embrace the updated CanMEDS 2015 Framework (see CanMEDS 2015 OTR Special Addendum) as it rolls out over the next few years in the context of competency-based medical education (CBME). We are currently working closely with UBC, the Royal College and other Respiratory training programs across the country towards the implementation of Competence by Design, scheduled for July 2020.  We expect that all candidates completing our Program will receive Royal College Certification in Respiratory Medicine.

We, the members of the Respiratory Division, including our Fellows in training, will work with all our partners to provide the highest possible standard of excellence in patient care, teaching and research.  We will pursue this mission while emphasizing open communication and ethical behavior, and while recognizing that it is a privilege to provide responsible and innovative stewardship of human, financial and all other resources.  We will always:

  • respect the dignity, individuality, and needs of our patients,
  • strive to discover new knowledge that will advance state-of-the-art care,
  • ensure effective and innovative teaching of our students,
  • optimize our organization to promote both professional and personal fulfillment,
  • value the efforts and achievements of teams and individuals who work to face the challenges of modern medicine.

These activities will ensure the respect of our peer organizations and recognition as a world-class Division of Respiratory Medicine.

Rotation Locations

The major activities at the UBC Division of Respiratory Medicine are focused at Vancouver General Hospital and St. Paul’s Hospital.

The following rotations take place at various other locations:

Sleep Medicine - UBC Hospital
TB – TB Clinic, BCCDC, and TB Ward VGH
Oncology - BC Cancer Agency
ICU – VGH/SPH (at least one block) with Royal Columbian, Surrey Memorial, Lion’s Gate, Kelowna General as other possible sites
Community Rotations - Surrey Memorial, Royal Columbian Hospital, Victoria, Kelowna, Penticton, Nanaimo and others upon discussion with the PD/PA.


The University of British Columbia Respiratory Medicine Postgraduate Training Program is a valuable and enjoyable two-year learning experience.

We offer a combination of varied clinical experiences, established multidisciplinary teams, and an academic environment that will foster your development into excellent independent consultant respirologists. Our team consists of staff respirologists, research fellows and assistants, subspecialty fellows, core medical residents, medical students, allied healthcare professionals, and support staff. We all work together to enhance patient care and we look forward to having you on our team.

All of us are committed to fostering your career goals, whether they lead you towards an academic career or community practice.

For more information on the Fellowship program please refer to the Fellowship page.

Resident Electives

For information regarding resident electives, please refer to the Resident Elective page.