Adult Respirology Post Graduate Fellowship Training Program


The philosophy of the training program emphasizes the importance of the Fellow assuming a progressive increase in responsibility for patient care during training, with the expectation that during the last months of training the Fellow will essentially function as a junior consultant.

Practically speaking, the sequence of training rotations will vary, and the individual Fellow’s program will be tailored in consultation with the Program Director to meet that individual’s needs and aspirations. When feasible, Service rotations at VGH and SPH are concentrated in the first six months to ensure that Fellows get up to speed quickly in their subspecialty and again in the final six months in preparation for the Royal College exams.

The training program typically accepts 3-4 new fellows each academic year.

Training Program Committee

The Respiratory Training Program Committee (RPC) members include the following:


Dr. Gordon Kirkpatrick (Chair)
Dr. Victoria Cook (Past Chair)
Dr. Chris Carlsten (UBC Head)
Dr. Jennifer M. Wilson (VGH Div. Head)
Dr. Renelle Myers (VGH/BCCA)
Dr. Frank Ryan (VGH)
Dr. John Swiston (VGH)


Dr. Brad Quon (SPH)
Dr. Tawimas Shaipanich (SPH/BCCA)
Dr. Janice Leung (SPH)
Dr. Chris Ryerson (SPH Div. Head)
Dr. Alborz Shoki (LGH- Community)
Dr. Samir Malhotra (RCH - Community)

Fellows (Chief)

Dr. Charlenn Skead (PGY-5)
Dr. Japnam Grewal (PGY-4)



Mandatory Rotations (20 blocks)
  • 10 Service (Inpatient + Consults equal time; the ratio of 6VGH:4SPH)
  • 2 ICU (at least one must be at VGH/SPH)
  • 2 Sleep
  • 2 Ambulatory
  • 1 Pulmonary Function Testing
  • 1 Oncology
  • 1 Community
  • 1 Radiology
  • Longitudinal Quality Assurance/research Project beginning in the 1st year
  • Longitudinal Ambulatory Clinic currently in 2nd year (2 Ambulatory block rotation equivalent)

Elective Rotations (6 blocks)
  • Thoracic Surgery
  • TB
  • Bronchoscopy - Advanced/Interventional (please note that prerequisites exist)
  • Research
  • Cystic Fibrosis
  • Pediatric Respiratory
  • Lung Transplantation
  • Allergy and Immunology
  • ENT
  • Pulmonary Rehabilitation
  • Pulmonary Hypertension
  • Additional rotations in any of the mandatory rotations such as Community, Ambulatory, ICU, sleep (max. 8 months of sleep + ICU)
  • Others geared towards career aspirations (i.e. need to be discussed with Program Director)

Each fellow will have at least 6 blocks for electives in areas of special interest. Up to one block of that elective time could be spent in a non-academic area with approval from the Program Director. In the past, Fellows have undertaken electives in the USA, Australia, Europe, Africa, and Asia. Electives within Canada are also available.

Community Rotations 

A Community Rotation with a major acute care component is now mandatory for Fellows.

The location and timing of community rotations must be reviewed by the PD before any commitments are made.

Recent community electives have taken place in Burnaby, Penticton, Victoria, Nanaimo, and other sites.

Former fellows have found the community rotation an extremely useful experience both for career planning and networking.

Personal Learning Portfolio

The UBC Respiratory Training Program requires Fellows to maintain a personal learning portfolio (PLP) consisting of self-assessments and other documentation relating to their progress throughout the duration of their residency program.

The purpose of the personal learning portfolio is to provide evidence of the connection between learning from work experience, practice skills, continuing education, and knowledge. As such, the Fellow’s learning portfolio:

  • Provides evidence of learning across all CanMEDS domains
  • Allows the learning activity to be individualized to the Fellow
  • Serves as an outcome measure of what the Fellow has learned, or what needs to be further addressed, during their residency

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