The UBC Respiratory Division is primarily located at the major teaching hospitals affiliated with the UBC Faculty of Medicine. The major activities are focused at Vancouver General Hospital, St. Paul’s Hospital and UBC Hospital. In addition, reflecting the distributed medical school there are a significant number of community respirologists affiliated formally as either full or associate members of the Division.

Mission Statement

The UBC Division of Respiratory Medicine is committed to disease prevention and patient-centred care, working collaboratively to create and mobilize new knowledge, while educating our community and the next generation of those dedicated to optimizing respiratory health.


Division Head – UBC Division

Dr. Chris Carlsten
Tel: 604-875-4729
Fax: 604-875-4695
Email: carlsten@mail.ubc.ca

Division Head – VGH Division

Dr. Jennifer M.Wilson
Tel: 604-875-4122
Fax: 604-875-4695
Email: jennifer.wilson@vch.ca

Division Head – SPH Division

Dr. Chris Ryerson
Tel: 604-806-8665
Fax: 604-806-8704
Email: chris.ryerson@hli.ubc.ca

Postgraduate Program Director

Dr. Gordon Kirkpatrick 
Email: Gordon.Kirkpatrick2@vch.ca


Centre for Lung Health Clinic (VGH)
7th floor, 2775 Laurel Street
Diamond Health Care Centre
Vancouver, BC V5Z 1M9
Tel: 604-875-4122 | Fax: 604-875-4695

Pacific Lung Health Centre (SPH)
8B Providence Wing, St. Paul’s Hospital (PHC)
1081 Burrard Street, Vancouver, V6Z 1Y6
Tel: 604-806-8818 | Fax: 604-806-8839
Email: info@pacificlung.com

Sleep Disorders Program (UBC)
UBC Acute Care Unit
2211 Wesbrook Mall
Vancouver, BC V6T 2B5
Tel: 604-822-7645

Specialty Clinical Programs

Medical directors and associated physicians are listed below:

  • Asthma – Dr. Celine Bergeron, Dr. Chris Carlsten (VGH), Dr. Del Dorscheid, Dr. Clarus Leung (SPH)
  • COPD – Dr. Kevin Duan, Dr. Emily Brigham (VGH), Dr. Stephan Van Eeden, Dr. Wan Tan-Hogg, Dr. Don Sin, Dr. Janice Leung (SPH)
  • Cystic Fibrosis – Medical Director SPH Dr. Brad Quon, Dr. Jodi Goodwin, Dr. Allison Love (SPH)
  • Home Ventilator Progam/Neuromuscular Disorders of Breathing – Dr. Aditi Shah (VGH)
  • Interstitial Lung Disease – Dr. Nasreen Khalil, Dr. Daniel Marinescu (VGH), Dr. Chris Ryerson, Dr. Alyson Wong, Dr. Gillian Goobie (SPH)
  • Lung Cancer – Dr. Steven Lam, Dr. Renelle Myers, Dr. Eve-Lea Beaudoin (BCCA), Dr. Tawimas Shaipanich (BCCA, SPH), Dr. Scott Apperley (SPH)
  • Lung Transplant – Dr. Robert Levy, Dr. Roland Nador, Dr. Joel Samuels, Dr. Celine Bergeron, Dr. Jennifer Wilson, Dr. Ali Kapasi (VGH)
  • Occupational Lung Disease – Medical Director Dr. Chris Carlsten (VGH)
  • Pleural Disease – Dr. Frank Ryan, Dr. Renelle Myers, Dr. Eve-Lea Beaudoin (VGH), Dr. Tawimas Shaipanich, Dr. Scott Apperley (SPH)
  • Pulmonary complications of HIVBC Centre for Excellence in HIV. Dr. Janice Leung (SPH)
  • Pulmonary Hypertension – Dr. John Swiston, Dr. Nathan Brunner, Dr. Ali Kapasi (VGH)
  • Sleep disordered breathingSleep Disorders Program. Dr. John Fleetham, Dr. Najib Ayas, Dr. Gordon Kirkpatrick, Dr. Aditi Shah, Dr. Rachel Jen (UBC)
  • Systemic Sclerosis – Dr. Chris Ryerson, Dr. Alyson Wong, Dr. Gillian Goobie (SPH)
  • Tuberculosis Ward based at VGH – Dr. James Johnston (Medical Lead TB Ward), Dr. Victoria Cook (Head, TB @ BCCDC)

Community Respirologists

  • Abbotsford – Dr. Mehdi Keshmiri
  • Burnaby – Dr. Susan Kwan
  • Chilliwack – TBA
  • Kelowna – Drs. J. Douglass Rolf, Graeme McCauley, Jay Sarbit
  • Maple Ridge – Dr. Frank Ervin
  • New Westminster – Drs. Sheila Webster, Samir Malhotra, Randy Chung, Lindsay Van Tongeren, Robert Kyskan, Divjot Kumar, Shaun Ong
  • Penticton – Dr. Shannon Walker
  • Prince George – Dr. Sharla-Rae Olsen
  • Richmond – Dr. Iqbal Ahmed
  • Surrey – Drs. Anne McNamara, Ted Lawson, Surinder Janda, Grant McCormack, Shalini Nayar, Philip Hui, Warren Davidson, Giuseppe Giustino, Amy Tsai
  • Victoria – Drs. Bruce Sanders, John Reid, Aaron Young, Sen Han Phang, Kewan Aboulhosn, Ruobing Yang, Heather Clark, Brett Baumann


This site is not intended to provide medical advice and information, nor is it designed or intended for any clinical care questions or scheduling of patient appointments. Any and all questions related to clinical care and/or appointments/scheduling of patient care should be directed to the respirology offices via phone numbers listed above. In the case of a medical emergency, call 911.